Our business is to inform and empower the patient regarding knowledge of eye

Seeking a continuous upgrade of knowledge to think globally and act locally by
dissipation of lifelong learnt knowledge towards improved health care for all.

Eye surgery including cataract in complicated situations,glaucoma,plastic surgery
including orbital tumours,fractures as well as teaching of these ethically to our students
and to those who teach students;to improve what we all do by believing that we are the
change we want and so research is a must

Ethical Practice of medical profession with attention to details and also keeping the
larger picture in mind and consider that every time a human trusts us with his eyes he
trusts us with his mind body and spirit with extreme faith and so its not just an eye that
is treated but the whole body which moves about in society and could affect the whole
society and future. We wish to not only understand this ourselves but to let this be
understood by other students of ours and students of our students

Named Contributions to eye surgery published in International Journals and

1)        Moreker Agashe Classification of cryptophthalmos
2)        Moreker classification of silicon oil in anterior chamber
3)        Moreker classification of  childhood Ptosis
4)        Moreker Sainani Myotenon enucleation
5)        Moreker surgery for cryptophthalmos
6)        Moreker suture for Ectropion
7)        Kirtane –Navlakhe -Moreker surgery for endoscopy in orbits
8)        Moreker small incision orbital fracture correction
9)        Moreker correction of lid retraction-hangback recession of levator
10)      Mankekar-Kirtane –Moreker combined approach for fractures in orbit
11)      Moreker’s forniceal reconstruction
12)      Kirtane –Moreker Endoscopic DCR suturing
13)      Moreker Mankekar Glue approach for flap management in DCR
14)      Moreker Kataria Classification of Pterygium
15)      Moreker Kataria-Lala  Classification of Sebaceous cell carcinoma
16)      Moreker Surgery for sebaceous cell carcinoma
17)      Moreker Mankekar Kirtane procedure for clipping flaps in DCR.

Recognised by Media/Press and appearances on Television locally and

1)        Role of Egg in diet for health of eye- CNN International
2)        ZEE India- fire cracker injuries
3)        Times of India-Fire cracker injuries
4)        Times of India-Rare eye tumour from Calcutta operated
5)        New Bombay Times-Role of over specialization
6)        Mumbai mirror-Eye donation
7)        CNBC-INDIA NEWS-2007-Indian Doctors in U.K
8)        Times Accent-Ergonomics in work
9)        Times of India-Amniotic Membrane in oculoplastic surgery
10)      DD News-Yuva-Young Achiever
11)      Work Ergonomics Times group
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