Awards won in last 5 years

1)Best paper in orbit and oculoplasty-All India Ophthalmology Society Annual Conference

2) Second best paper on “Patient satisfaction in Dacryocystorhinostomy surgery” won at the
Oculoplasty Association of India’s Annual conference at Guwahati 2004

3) Best patient education film-on “Glaucoma –A Silent Blinder” at the All India Ophthalmologist
Society’s Annual conference at Delhi 2003 with Dr B.K Nayak as first author and Dr Sunil
Moreker as co author

4) Millenium appreciation award by Bombay ophthalmology association 1999 for ethical
practice of ophthalmology

5) Quiz award in ophthalmology at the Maharashtra State Ophthalmology Society’s Annual
Conference 2000

6) Felicitated by Governor of Assam, India at the  International meet and CME by “Orbis
International” a U.S based flying eye hospital (Airbus with a operating theater within)

7) Honoured by Dr Janice Darbari, Hon Consul for Republic of Montenegro

8)Honoured by Shri Joginder Singh Ex Director of Central Bureu of Investigation, Government
of India 2007

9) “Rajiv Gandhi Award” by Governor of the State of Himachal Pradesh Shri A Singh 2007

10) “Rajiv Gandhi Memorial  Award” - by Hon. Minister of State for Planning –
Mr. Rajshekheran.- August 2007

11) Honoured at London, U.K by Lord Daljit Rana, Baroness Flather of Windsor and Mainhead
on 21st July 2007.

12) “International  Millennium Award”  for excellence in promoting global healthcare
integration given by Hon Shri S C Nembang – Speaker – Legislative Parliament Nepal – 2006.

13) Honoured by Hon Minister of Commerce –Shri. Kamalnath 2006

14) Honoured By Mr Hira Singh Bisht-Minister state of U.P

15) Honoured By  Hon Ministers Mr Subodh Kant Sahai and Mr Manekrao Gavit at Government
of India

16)  Honoured 2006 by Mr Bishma Narain Singh-Ex Governor of Tamil Nadu state

17)   Honoured  by Mr G.V Krishnamurthy-Ex Planning Commission member, Government of

18) Most active group by Giants International for  Giants New Bombay 2004 with Dr Sunil
Moreker as  “Director Administration”

19)  Honoured in 2006-By Mr Vasant Sathe-veteran congress leader
Dr Narendranathji and Shree Bhai Mahaveer
Ex CBI Directir-Shri Joginder Singhji
His Excellency-Governor of Himachal Pradesh
His Excellency -Governor of Tamil Nadu
Shri Manekrao Gavit and
Shri Subodhkant Sahai-
Government of India Ministers
Mr G.V Krishnamurthi-Ex Election
commissioner and Actor Suresh Oberoi
Actor Raza Murad
Shree Vasant Sathe-Veteran congress leader
Shri Anees Durrani-Congress leader