Eye : Unravelling every truth about  a very specialised window to the body
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The eye is a window to the body and there is growing evidence that one cannot neglect the eye when
treating diseases of the body and at the same time the eye surgeon better know what to expect in the
body if there is a particular eye condition he sees and the patient has a right to know all possible
expectations and all possible information about all possible risks

This space is  to give our web site visitors a brief overview of  eye diseases so as to make an informed
What We Eyesurgeons Do

We are eye surgeons,consultants in eye diseases who give an overview to our patients about their eye
condition keeping the larger picture in mind i.e the systemic disease that the eye condition points to as
well as pay attention to detail in terms of specialisation in various sub specialities of eye. Even while
treating a common condition like cataract it is important to see what the eye has to offer in terms of
knowledge about that particular individual so as to achieve excellent results with consistency in each
unique individual
Thyroid eye disease
Uveitis  in sarcoidosis
Tuberculosis -nodule
Genetic eye disorder
Carcinoma eyelid
Conjunctival cancer
Post operative carcinoma
Post operative cancer
Small detail: no lid crease left eye
Post operative lid crease formed
Upper Lid Ectropion
corrected by Skin Graft
Lagophthalmos corrected by gold weight implant
Ocular Leprosy
Ocular leprosy
Ligneous conjunctivitis
Moreker Foundation :- from darkness to light
Dr Sunil Moreker is now Committee member of International Council of Ophthalmology's  ,
Continuing Professional Development Committee, Educational Goal Committee
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