International Conference lectures
Invited International Faculty speaker and papers/posters accepted  at

1)        World Glaucoma Congress at Boston 2009
2)        Pediatric Oculoplasty-Visiting Prof Lecture at Harvard Children’s Hospital, Boston, U.S.A
3)        International  Endoscopic Workshop at Adelaide, Australia-May 2007
4)        Seminar on Publication by Committee of Publication ethics, COPE, at London, U.K 2007
5)        World Congress of Ophthalmology at Hong Kong 2008
6)        World congress of Ophthalmology at Brazil, South America in February 2006
7)        International Strabismology Association Annual Conference at Brazil 2006
8)        ECRS(European Cataract and Refractive Surgery Society) conference in London 2006
9)        South East Asian Glaucoma Interest Group Annual Conference Chennai 2006
   a) Effect of latanoprost on Ocular pulse amplitude
   b) Ocular Pulse Amplitude before and after trabeculectomy
   c)  Correlation of Ocular Pulse Amplitude and visual field progression
10)        Asia Pacific Association of Ophthalmology-Singapore-2006
11)        International glaucoma Conference-Canada -2006
12)        CME on Pediatric Ophthalmology with “Orbis- the flying eye hospital” at Guwahati,2005
13)        International Congress of Glaucoma Surgery at Egypt, Africa 2003
14)        Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology annual conference at Malaysia in 2004
15)        Eye Advance, International conferences on advances in ophthalmology-   
16)        International Glaucoma meet, Bombay- 2004
17)        International Ocular Oncology conference, Hyderabad-2004
18)        Indo Japanese CME on Oculoplastic surgery, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India,2001
19)        World Congress of Ophthalmology ,Sydney, Australia, 2002

Instruction courses and papers at national ophthalmology meets

1)        All India Ophthalmology Society Annual Conference  Jaipur2009-Ethics in
2)        All India Ophthalmologist Society annual conference, Bhubaneshwar,Orissa,2005
3)        All India Ophthalmologist Society annual conference, Bhopal 2006
4)        All India Ophthalmology Society annual conference Hyderabad 2007
5)        All India Ophthalmology Society annual conference Bangalore 2008
6)        Glaucoma Society of India, Annual Conference , Ahmedabad , 2005
7)        Oculoplastic Association of India, Annual Conference Cochin 2001
8)        Oculoplastic Association of India, Annual Conference, Guwahati, 2004
9)        Oculoplastic Association of India , Annual Conference Chandigarh 2005
10)        Oculoplasty Association of India Annual Conference Lucknow 2006
11)        Oculoplasty Association of India Annual Conference Hyderabad 2007
12)        Oculoplasty Association of India Annual Conference Delhi 2008
At the European Cataract and Refractive
Surgeons Annual Conference conducting a
course on Hydrodamage in cataract Surgery
At World congress of ophthalmology
International Squint Association Session