We offer services in  the following

1)Cataract in complicated diseases


3) Ocular plastic surgery

4) Corneal transplants

5) Neuro ophthalmic problems

6) Squint and  Pediatric eye

8) Eye in conditions affecting the body
Consulting-regarding natural history of diseases and pros and cons of
different schools of thought in treatment
Analysis-risk benefit and cost benefit analysis of treatments
Advice keeping in mind the geopolitical and socioeconomic issues
Pre and post orbital implant and artificial eye
Pre and post tumour excision
Pre and post droopy eye surgery
Pre and post orbital tumour
Pre and immediate post operative picture of cancer of eye
Pre and post operation pictures of hidden eyes
Pre and post squint surgery
Stent right eye near nose for watery eye
Acute dacryocystitis
Cysts at nose side of eye
Cancer at side of eye
Caruncle Melanoma
Ectropion due to platysma contracture
Partial medial entropion
Corneal dermoid
Sebaceous Carcinoma and post exenteration
Other Conditions we treat : -
Lacrimal gland cysts
Marginal growths
Skin Grafts :-
Sebaceous Carcinoma Post op
Post op distichiasis
Sebaceous Carcinoma
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Motility Implants :-
Different types of childhood ptosis
Orbito cystic cryptophthalmos
Bulbar Melanoma
Punctal melanoma
Palpebral melanoma
Congenital ptosis
Traumatic ptosis in child
Ptosis with verticle squint
Childhood ptosis with lid crease present
Orbital and lid varix
Pre and post orbital dermoid :-
Punctal ectropion
Bilateral Lacrimal Sac Problems :-